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About GivingWay

Through GivingWay, grassroots-level nonprofits across 130 countries engage with people from all over the world who help out by volunteering online, volunteering on-site and donating funds


The Program 

Selina and GivingWay are collaborating to help non-profits around the world get work done remotely. 

As the world is adjusting to the new Covid-19 reality with no international travel, non-profits worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges. Many of them rely on international volunteers for funding and day-to-day operations. Without any volunteer on-site for months, their situation has become critical. They need support more than ever.

Introducing: online volunteering! We are living in an increasingly digital world, where many tasks can be completed remotely. Despite travel restrictions, volunteers can still help non-profits through online work. 

This program connects Selina’s employees and non-profits from all over the world. Through online volunteering, Selina’s employees have a great opportunity to support non-profits during these troubled times.  All from the comfort of their home!

You can choose the cause that matters to you and the kind of tasks you want to help with: design, web work, content writing, social media marketing, etc., you can choose from 20 different online tasks!


You choose how you want to help! 

How It Works 

Help nonprofits remotely:

 Go to and sign up as a volunteer

in just a few clicks 

       (Use only your Selina email when creating your profile). 

Go to the volunteering online page or CLICK HERE!



Browse through hundreds of online volunteering opportunities,  and choose the one you want to offer your help with

       (You can filter by tasks and causes).


Start chatting with the organization,

discuss the details and complete the task(s)

       (You can choose as many tasks as you want).  

Receive an online volunteering certificate

from Selina & GivingWay

Enjoy the feeling of having done some good for the world :) 



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