When is the Best Time to Ask for Donations?

There is an ideal time of day for fundraising emails. Finding it, can improve the amount of donations your nonprofit receives.

The best time to send fundraising requests

Studies have similar answers regarding the best time to send an email. In general best practices says that the best day to send an email is Tuesday (followed by Thursday and Wednesday), and that the best time of the day is in the late morning, at around 10 am.

However these studies look at various industries, and while it might be true that these are the optimal time for people to open their email, it doesn't necessarily mean that this is the time they are in a giving mood.

In a comprehensive study we conducted at GivingWay, we examined all the donations that came through the GivingWay platform to nonprofits to determine, what are the times that donors are more likely to give.

Day of the Week

We found that most people donate during the weekdays, with Tuesday being the most active day in terms of donations. However, other weekdays aren't far behind.

Donations made across the days of the week. GivingWay analysis

Hour of the Day

The most popular "Giving Hours" are 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, with 11:00 being the time when most donations were made.

Donations made across the hours of the day. GivingWay analysis

When Should I Send Out Donation Requests?

It can be seen that there is quite a correlation between the best time to send emails and the optimal time to request a donation - midweek, late morning. However, it is important to keep in mind that every organization is unique and depends on its own audience.

To see what is the best time for your organization, send out donation requests, try different time options and then analyze the data.

Infographic - the best time to ask for a donation

Using Donation Management Tools to Learn More

You can see your donor's data by using GivingWay's Donor Management Tool.

Click on the finance section on your dashboard, choose the stats tab and start analyzing! For an easier analysis, you can also download all your donor data by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "Export to Excel".

GivingWay's Donor Management Tool.


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