What is the Best Length for Your Fundraising Campaign Description?

A recent GivingWay study answers the question, what is the optimal length of your fundraising campaign description.

Best Practices for an effective fundraising campaign mention that the text description of the campaign shouldn't be too long or too short. If the text is too short, it probably isn't saying too much and is being very general. If the text is too long no one will ever read it.

A recent GivingWay analysis, studied this exact point to understand what is the optimal length of your fundraising campaign description. The analysis covered nearly 3000 campaigns that were created on the GivingWay platform to see if there is a correlation between the length of the description and the amount of funds a campaign raised.

The study showed that while most NGOs use only 10-150 words to describe their cause, the campaigns that raised the most money were campaigns that used 450-500 words in the campaign description. Campaigns that used 50-150 words did in fact raise money, however the average amount of donations was 8 times higher for campaigns that used 450-500 words!

A table showing the impact of the amount of words used in the campaign description on the avg. donation

The study also showed that the probability that a campaign will succeed in raising any money, was higher when more words were being used for the campaign description. For example, 80% of the campaigns that had used 650-700 words to describe their campaign, raised money for their cause, while only 18% of campaigns that were using 51-100 words in the description managed to raise any money.

A Table showing the effect of number of words in the campaign description on the probability of raising money

In Conclusion

This study clearly shows an advantage for campaigns that are using lengthier descriptions. However, it is important to remember - it's what on the inside that counts! It's not enough to fill your description with words, make sure you write a meaningful description that conveys what your organization does, the importance of your cause, why you need support and how you plan on using this support. For the full list of Do's and Don'ts of writing a crowdfunding campaign click here!

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