What is "Google Grants" for Nonprofits?

Did you know you can get up to $10,000 from Google Grants to raise awareness, attract donors, and recruit new volunteers for your NGO?

Google Ad Grants for nonprofits

Every day, billions of people search for information, products and services on Google. Imagine you could put your NGO in front of the people that are looking for the chance to support causes similar to yours.

Google Grants

Google Grants offer eligible NGOs free advertising space on Google, allowing you to strategically display your charity’s chosen message to people who are actively searching for NGOs like yours.

Nonprofit organizations use Google Grants to increase their visibility, find volunteers and raise donations.

Google Grant recipients receive $10,000 per month of free Google Ads advertising to display their ads on Then they may build and manage their own Google Ads account similar to paying advertisers (they are the one with control over the Google Ads account, Google isn't managing it for them). The budget is set at $329 ($10,000 per month) with limitation of not being able to have keywords with a Max CPC over $2.00.

Who's eligible?

To request a Google for Nonprofits account, you must be a nonprofit charitable organization and meet Google's full eligibility requirements in your country.

You can see the updated requirements by country here.

Not all nonprofits are eligible, for example the following types of organizations are not eligible and will not be verified:

  • Governmental entity or organization

  • Hospitals or healthcare organizations

  • Schools, academic institutions, or universities

As part of requesting a Google for Nonprofits account, you’ll need to register your organization with TechSoup. They handle the nonprofit verification process for the program.


To apply for the Google for Nonprofits account, click here.

For further instructions, you can see the following step-by-step video guide:

Once you are found eligible, and receive the grant, that's when the true work begins. Google offers many tutorials to help you start your advertising campaign.

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