Volunteering from an NGO’s Perspective

In this webinar, GivingWay's Head of Marketing, Noa Raiten, will be discussing everything you need to know to recruit volunteers and to turn them into your most powerful allies and supporters.

Volunteers have a long term impact on nonprofits that is even stronger than the benefit of having them help with the day-to-day work. Understanding volunteers' motivations, and communicating with them appropriately is key to turning the organization's volunteers into life-time supporters.


  • Intro - 00:00

  • The importance of volunteers - 02:41

  • The long term effect of a volunteer - 05:15

  • Volunteer types: online and on-site, local and global - 07:47

  • Understanding your volunteers’ motivations - 14:39

  • How to reach new volunteers by using GivingWay - 19:38

  • How to stand out and be attractive in the eyes of volunteers - 26:24

  • Using volunteers to help your Social Media blossom - 44:03

  • Communicating with volunteers - 48:51

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Volunteering from an NGOs perspective - GivingWay
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