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GivingWay is constantly improving our fundraising platform. Here's one of our latest features: Post Updates

Did you know that when you post on Facebook, Instagram or other Social media platforms less than 5% of your followers actually see your post organically? That means that if you aren't paying to promote your posts only 1 out of 20 followers may see your update, even if they are genuinely interested in seeing it.

Since community updates and communication are such an important element in online fundraising, we created a unique feature on the GivingWay platform to solve this problem!

Meet GivingWay's "Updates"!

What is GivingWay's "Updates" feature?

This is a quick and simple way to show your supporters how active your nonprofit is, the great things you are doing and update them about the impact they have. This is your place to let your community know what you have been up to on an ongoing basis.

When you post an update it is added to your organization page, and it is also emailed to all your supporters on GivingWay. This way you can know that 100% of your followers receive an update from you - that's 20 times better than the rate you get on Facebook!

On the organization page you will be able to see all the updates you posted, so new supporters can get a sense of everything you are doing too.

How do I add a new update?

To add a new update simply go to your dashboard and go to the "organization page" section. Click on "view page".

Under the image you will find your "updates".

In the text box write a short post you wish to share with your organization, and then click "post"!

GivingWay organization page screenshot

After your post is published you have a 30 minute window to edit it before it is sent as an email to all of your supporters on the GivingWay platform. You can delete the post at any time.

How does it look like to my supporters?

Your supporters will be able to see your updates in two ways:

  1. On your organization's page

  2. As an email notification

Best practices

Since your supporters are notified by email regarding every update you post, you want to make sure you are updating them only about the important stuff so that you don't spam them. The platform currently limits you to 1 post a day and 2 posts a week.

These are good post ideas you can share with your community:

  • Updates about an event you are holding

  • A new project you are launching

  • Reaching a goal

  • Successful results of a project you are running

  • Greetings (Happy holidays, happy earth day etc.)

Make sure your supporters never miss an update from you!

Simpler than emails, within a few moments, you can use this new exclusive "updates" feature to make sure that people who do want to follow you, never miss your updates again!

Write my first post now!

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