Part 3 - Tool-Kit for Nonprofits Working with Ambassadors

Congratulations for joining the GivingWay Ambassador program!

Your involvement in the process is key to its success.

To help you help your ambassadors succeed in their fundraising effort, we created this short guide with tips on good communication with your ambassadors, along with templates and examples to make this as easy as possible for you!

Part 3 - Examples - Showing Appreciation

As we have established in the previous parts, showing appreciation is something that you should be doing constantly from the moment ambassadors sign up throughout all their time helping you and even after.

How can you show appreciation? You make it personal, you make it public, you give them tokens of appreciation.

Making it personal

Sometimes 'personalization' is mistaken for the concept of sending emails with personal names to each of your supporters. While this is important and necessary, it is definitely not enough for someone who is doing so much for you.

Your ambassadors are dedicating a lot of hours for the success of your campaigns. When you communicate with them make sure to let them know you see them personally and their hard work by making the communication personal.

How do you make it personal?

Forget online and go offline -make a call, send a letter, send a small gift, do anything that shows that this gesture was intended only for your ambassador and wasn't automatically duplicated to all of the organization's contact list. Here are some ideas:

  • Does your organization work with kids? Have one of them send your ambassador a drawing they made.

  • Do you work with animals? Name an animal after your ambassador.

  • Does your nonprofit work in the area of conservation and agriculture? Plant a tree in your ambassador's name.

  • Film a short video of your team and beneficiaries addressing your ambassador by name.

  • Share something humoristic - Sing a song, dance a dance and dedicate it to your ambassador.

Making it public

Show off your ambassadors and let the world (and them) know how proud you are of them by introducing them to your community on social media, and by sharing their achievements.

By giving your ambassadors online recognition, you aren't only showing your current ambassador how much you appreciate them, but you are also showing future prospects what a great environment there is within your nonprofit.

Child holding thankyou note to donor
A personalized thank you note from Eco-Agric Uganda posted on Facebook

Showing Appreciation on Instagram - Chase Rescue Sanctuary
Showing Appreciation on Instagram - Chase Rescue Sanctuary

Tokens of Appreciation

Ambassadors aren't in it for money or gifts, but if you have small gifts or merchandise to share that's always fun to receive. It might be silly but people love getting free stuff. They also love to show off getting it. In other words, your ambassadors would be happy and appreciative to receive it and it can raise awareness for your organization when they use it.

If your ambassadors are from a remote country you can send a small local souvenir. Try thinking of a gift that is related to your cause. For example, if you create handmade items as part of your organizations activity, you can send something that someone within your community created.


Ambassadors are a great asset to your team, but you have to let them feel part of the team to tap into their full potential. Make sure you let them feel appreciated and needed.


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