Tool-Kit for Nonprofits Working with Ambassadors - Part 1

Congratulations for joining the GivingWay Ambassador program!

Your involvement in the process is key to its success.

To help you help your ambassadors succeed in their fundraising effort, we created this short guide with tips on good communication with your ambassadors, along with templates and examples to make this as easy as possible for you!

Communicating with your ambassador
Communicating with your ambassador is the key to their success.

Part 1 - Guide

Infographic on communication between nonprofits & their supporters

An ambassador that joins your organization, usually does not know you, but does have motivation to join the cause your nonprofit is promoting. Since being an ambassador is not an easy task, keep your ambassadors motivated and engaged by communicating well with them and by making them feel part of a team.

Click below to download the full guide with tips on good communication with your ambassadors:

Org - Ambassador Kit
Download PDF • 7.50MB

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