The Surprising Way Businesses Today Fight for Their Employees

It is no secret that employers all over the world have a problem. It seems that the pursuit for a great employee is just getting harder and harder and retaining them is not very simple either. The market has become an "employee's-market" where the competition for talent is fierce and employee loyalty is very low. The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit and the Great Reshuffle, in which masses of employees have voluntarily resigned from their jobs, prove that something is going on with employees.

However, some businesses have found a way to overcome this. Daniel Thompson, VP HR at Cloudinc Software says: "Employees are no longer satisfied with what they used to do, with their wages, and the old work-life balance. What they are looking for is a way to add essence to their day-to-day work that will justify in their minds the long hours they are spending on the job." In other words they are looking for Employee Purpose.

Employee Purpose

Employee purpose is the sense of impact and importance employees have when doing their work, and how their values align with a business. "Companies and businesses that are smart enough to identify this, can create a purpose-driven workplace where employees have the opportunity to work on what is meaningful for them", Thompson says. "It’s all about enabling and encouraging employees to bring purpose to their professional environment and working life".

Why is Employee Purpose Important?

Employees that find work meaningful are more likely to be engaged with what they do. Employee Purpose simply put, contributes towards satisfied employees. Satisfied employees are ones that stick around, and tell their friends to come too. Considering the challenges and costs of hiring and retaining employees, this makes employee purpose a key business growth goal that companies should be aware of. Engaged employees also bring other benefits to the workplace, for example, they bring more than twice as much earning per employee.

How to Create Employee Purpose in Your Company?

There are many ways to create a sense of purpose that employees can identify within a company. Even if your company is more about business and less about saving the world, you can still find ways to make an impact that aligns with your company's brand and values, and also makes your employees feel satisfied.

1. Define a joint cause

Find a cause that relates to your brand and your employees can identify with. This can be in any field - education, environment, human rights, etc. Tip: When defining the cause, consult with your employees and ask them what's important to them.

2. Integrate the cause into your daily activities and work

Once you chose a cause your company cares about, think of ways you can incorporate it in everything you do!

For example, if you have chosen as a cause helping out people with disabilities, there are many ways to act upon this and show you truly care about the cause; volunteer with people with disabilities, make your workplace accessible, hire people who have disabilities, spread awareness to the issue among employees with fun company challenges, spread awareness to the issue to your customers via your marketing channels, donate publicly to the cause and more.

By integrating the cause into the core business and to your everyday work, your employees can get a feeling that by working for your company they are helping advance this cause.

3. Give employees the chance to use their unique skills to help

To fully involve your employees in the cause and to help them feel they themselves are contributing to the company's effort, enroll in a skills-based volunteering program. By using their professional skills to help the cause, employees will gain a sense of accomplishment, as well as a sense of belonging to the company and pride of its activity.

a unique volunteering experience for companies

Easy, Cheap and Makes the World Better

While companies worldwide are struggling with employee engagement and recruiting problems, it seems the solution is simpler than could ever be imagined. Employees are yearning for meaning. They want impact, they want to use their time and skills to do good. By answering employees' need for purpose, companies can easily and cheaply not only increase employee engagement but also increase sales, company market value, improve employer branding, better employee wellbeing, oh - and do some good in the world!


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