The Complete Guide To Writing An Awesome Nonprofit Mission Statement

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The Complete Guide To Writing An Awesome Nonprofit Mission Statement

A nonprofit's mission statement is an organization's chance to give a clear understanding of what it stands for. For many nonprofit organizations however, it is difficult to write a mission statement and some don't even understand why it is necessary. In this article, you will find practical tips for writing your mission correctly and turning it into an effective marketing tool. Be prepared to devote some of your time to this process, and you will be able to stand out by using the power of your mission.

The Mission of the Non-Profit Organization: What Is the Essence?

In simple terms, a mission statement is a description of your unique organizational purpose. In a broad sense, the mission is the philosophy of a nonprofit organization, values, beliefs, and principles based on which the organization will carry out its activities. Yo could say that the mission determines the actions of the entire organization.

If talking about the mission in the narrow sense of the word, then this statement reveals the whole meaning of the existence of an organization, that is unique and distinctive from other non-profit organizations.

It is also worth noting that the mission is a tool for creating a certain PR image and attracting potential partners. For this reason, it is worth paying special attention to writing a mission.

In this matter, it is vital not to mix up the mission and vision. The vision marks the goals for the future, while the mission statement marks the current implementation plan.

To write the correct mission, you should answer the following three questions:

● Why does your non-profit organization exist?

● Who is your non-profit organization created for?

● How does this non-profit organization serve?

The answers to these questions will help you understand how to start writing your mission correctly. Below you will find tips that will help you in this matter.

Should You Use Professional Help in Writing a Mission Statement?

Before you will start to write the mission, you might want to consider the option of getting professional help from writers. This option will save you time and might help you feel completely confident in the quality and correctness of the writing of the mission.

You can find the Best Writers Online on the Writing Judge custom writing platform website. Both of the platforms are dedicated to generating reviews of writing services to help you find the best writers. Check out the best companies on the market and consider outsourcing the mission writing process to real professionals.

Note, that even if you do choose to use a professional service for writing a mission statement, you will still have to prepare the source material for the writers. You can send them your drafts so that the writer can take a professional look at what you wrote and help make your mission better. Therefore, this next guide can be useful to you even if you do choose to use a professional.

A Guide How To Write A Mission Statement For A Nonprofit Organization

1. Start With a Clear Statement

Once you've answered the three questions above, it's time to start drafting your mission statement. To do this, describe all these formulations so that they are surely understandable to everyone familiar with your mission. Use simple vocabulary to make your mission clear to all people.

2. Be Concise

To create an effective mission, you should keep it short and cut unnecessary words. It is recommended to write a mission statement in such a way that it is within 20-50 words and no more. This is the optimal amount for creating a clear and easy-to-read mission for your audience.

3. Be Informative

Despite the brevity, your mission should be informative and give the audience a clear understanding of who you are, why, and how. All real actions must be described in the mission statement. That is, the mission must fully correspond to reality, and then you will achieve the effect of memorability.

4. Take Time

Take enough time to write your mission. After you follow the above tips, leave the writing process for a while. After you rest, return to writing the mission statement. This will allow you to take a fresh look at what you have written and make reasonable edits.

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The Bottom Line

A well-written mission of your organization, is not only one of the keys to the success of your nonprofit organization, it is an opportunity to make others understand the essence of your organization and how you can help those who need help. Use the tips above to create an effective mission statement, and keep in mind that this is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use.


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