Product updates: Recurring Donations

GivingWay is constantly improving our fundraising platform. Here's an update about of one of our latest features: Recurring Donations

GivingWay's November updates and announcements

Recurring donations

Recurring donations, otherwise known as monthly donations, are separate donations made by the same donor on a regular, ongoing basis instead of a one-time donation.

Recurring donations are most beneficial to nonprofits as they provide a reliable revenue stream that you can count on, ensuring the sustainability of your nonprofit. Another advantage for monthly donations is that on average, monthly donations tend to sum up to larger sums than multiple single donations.

Monthly donations are also beneficial to the donors as they save them the time and hassle of having to come back to your donation page every time they want to make a donation.

However, many donors refrain from giving monthly donations due to the uncertainty and ambiguity of it. How long will I keep paying? How long is my credit card information stored? How do I cancel if I change my mind? These are just several of the barriers which are preventing donors from choosing this option.

What's new?

To help your donors overcome these barriers, GivingWay is introducing a new feature that encourages recurring donations with time-limits that help reduce donor uncertainty!

Time-limits for monthly donations - that reduce donor uncertainty
Time-limits for monthly donations - that reduce donor uncertainty

By giving an option to set a time limit to the monthly donations, it creates trust and your donors know that they can control their expenses!

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