Platform Updates - June 2021

GivingWay's June updates and announcements

GivingWay is constantly improving our fundraising platform. Here's an update about all of our latest features:

New Testing Environment -

Did you ever wonder if your campaign is working? How can you be sure that your donation buttons truly work or that donation money is going through?

This is why we are giving organizations the ability to run test donations and receive notifications via a webhook mechanism!

This also allows you to implement your own server-side logic to perform tasks like sending a thank you email, storing donor information in your own database and more.

The feature is enabled on request.

Automatic Optimizing of Default Donation Amounts -

Different donors can support your organization on a different scale. For some a $100 donation is very generous, for others that can be a monthly salary. We wish that donors will contribute the most they can, and studies have shown that the default amount suggested to a donor will most likely influence the size of their donation.

This month, GivingWay has gradually started to deploy an algorithm that will automatically adapt the default donation sums on your donation form, based on different factors, such as the location of your donors .

This means, two different donors reaching your donation page might be presented two different sets of default donation sums. For example the donation options offered to a donor from Bolivia might start from $1 going up to $50 , while a donor from the US will be offered to donate sums starting from $10 and running up to $500.

In any case, the donor has the option to manually choose a different amount to donate, according to their own preference.

Rwanda Payment Options -

GivingWay now supports donation in the Rwandan Franc currency and added the MTN payment option in Rwanda!

GivingWay Supports donations in the Rwandan Franc currency

Crypto Payment -

This June you can start accepting Bitcoin! GivingWay is adding the ability to donate via crypto payment (Bitcoin / Ethereum).


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