Introduction to GivingWay's Fundraising Pages

GivingWay's platform offers you various tools to help you with your fundraising efforts. Learn more about the different options you have and understand what answers your needs best.

1. Organization Page

Your organization page is like your mini-site on GivingWay. This is the place to share all of the information about your organization.

The organization page features your description and images, as well as any campaign you may have running, volunteer opportunities, reviews and contact information.

Volunteers are the main audience of this page so if you want volunteers, you should definitely keep it updated. Nevertheless, donors looking for more information about you might reach it too, so it's good to have even if you aren't necessarily focusing on reaching new volunteers.

For an optimal organization page make sure to update your information and mission, upload photos and videos, ask your volunteers to review you for that extra credibility and double check that your message is clear and grammatically correct. This page represents your organization so you want to spend some time on it and make it look perfect.

GivingWay Organization Page Example

2. Donation Page

Your donation page is created automatically when you signup for GivingWay. The information and images are taken from the organization page. This is the simplest and quickest tool of the 3 pages since the moment you finish signing up to GivingWay it is already ready for you to share.

The donation page is also suitable to be used as a link from your own website. You can simply add a "donate" button to your site and refer the link from the button to the site. You can learn how to do this here.

To learn how to create and share an optimal donation page that will lead to more donations read more.

GivingWay donation page example

3. Campaign Page

A campaign page is page for fundraising for a specific project. It should state how much money you need to execute the project (the campaign goal), and what you plan to do with this money. For example, a campaign for an organization working with children in rural India can be - "Help us build a new classroom".

An organization can have multiple campaigns for different goals, or may also choose not to create any campaign and use the donation page for fundraising.

GivingWay campaign page example

To summarize the differences between the 3 pages, think of an organization that helps wildlife in the rainforests.

The organization page should explain about the organization in general, about the importance of conserving wildlife, showcase amazing pictures of the rainforest and tell about wonderful volunteering opportunities the organization offers.

The donation page, will share a short description, and it will be the general link that the organization uses to fundraise money from their website, and on official social pages.

The campaign page will help raise money for a more narrow, specific cause then "wildlife in the rainforest", for example, the organization might open 1 campaign for reforestation of a certain area, and another campaign for saving Tony the Chimp.

How to choose the right fundraising tool from GivingWay Infographic

Which of the pages should I use?

You can choose to use all of the pages or just one or two types.

There is no specific order in which you need to use them, it really depends on your goal. Though generally speaking, we do usually advice every organization to first make sure their donation page is updated and clear, because it is the easiest and quickest to use.


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