How To Use Visualization To Reach Your Monthly Giving Goals

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As a nonprofit, you're always looking to increase the amount of supporters to your organization. You also want to increase the amount recurring donations you receive. Learn how to achieve these goals using visualization.

Set Your Goals

First, define your goals. You can't start achieving your goals if you don't have any set. It's easy to say you want to increase your monthly donors every month, but that isn't enough to help you start achieving that goal. You need to be very specific about what it is you want for your nonprofit.

Lifestyle blogger Tamara Fields, from Draft Beyond, says 'Get as specific as you can about what you want to happen. If you want to increase the amount of monthly donators you have, how much do you want to increase that number by? If you want to get more in donations every month, how much do you want to get?'

For example, let's say you want to increase the amount of monthly donors you have. Define by how much. In this example, you may have 50 donors, and you want to double it to 100. That gives you a concrete figure to work with.

Picture Each Step Of The Process

Now that you set goal, you can start using visualization to help you achieve it. It's a powerful tool when used correctly, as it helps you see just what needs to be done.

In this case, you'll need to imagine each step you need to take, in order to gain more donors. For example, you'll need to consider how you'll reach out to potential donors. Will you use social media? Online advertising? Imagine what these promotions would look like, and how they would present your nonprofit to the general public.

You'll also want to consider what platform you'll use for donations. Something like GivingWay would work well, as it's a platform set up directly for nonprofits. You can set up specific campaigns on it, and make it very easy for donors to set up recurring donations on it. You can even keep track of analytics too, so you'll be able to keep on top of your goals. Imagine how you would set that up, and keep people coming to the site to donate.

Finally, imagine how you'll keep those donors with you, donating every month. What can you see your donors getting out of it? You can send newsletters about the work you do, showing where the money is going, for example.

When you imagine every step of the process, you'll be able to plan everything out and see what happens when each step is successful.

Visualize The Process, Not The Results

When some people try visualization, they find it doesn't work for them. That is most likely because they're visualizing the results, rather than the process to achieving your goals.

For example, if you were getting ready for an exam, you could visualize getting an A on the paper. However, it actually makes more sense to visualize studying for the exam itself. 'The human mind is primed to follow through on the things we imagine' says psychology writer Matthew Yates, from Writinity. 'When you visualize, you're rehearsing your future behaviors and so you will perform better when the time comes.'

It's also important to remember that there are choices you'll need to make when making progress towards attaining more donors. Some choices will help you with that goal, while others will hinder you. You need to visualize yourself making the right choices.

For example, when reaching out to potential donors, you'll need to choose how you do so. Which method would work best for you, and help you achieve that goal? Visualizing all these steps will help you towards your end goal.

As you can see, visualization is a powerful tool when used correctly. You can use it as a tool to help you bring in more donors to your nonprofit, and keep them coming back every month. That way, you can really start to grow and make a difference as a nonprofit.

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