How to Update your GivingWay Fundraising Campaign

When using GivingWay you can create multiple campaigns to promote specific fundraising projects. If you later wish to make changes in these campaigns it's very simple!

Learn how to change your campaign goal, fix typos, edit your information or deactivate a working campaign.

Where do I edit my GivingWay campaign?

Login to GivingWay and go to your dashboard.

Find the campaign section and click on the relevant campaign.

Example image of a GivingWay dashboard

How do I fix typos or change the description or goal of my campaign?

To edit the title of your campaign, the description or the goal of your campaign, simply click "edit campaign".

Then make the required changes, and click "save".

example of how to edit a GivingWay campaign

How do I pause or delete a running campaign?

If you would like to inactivate a running campaign, click "edit campaign", and then under "status", change the "active" status to "inactive". Click save!

Note that any money you raised will not be effected, and you will still have access to it.

example of how to change the status of a GivingWay campaign

How do I edit the photos in my campaign?

To change the photos of the campaign or rearrange them, click "edit photos". You can then add more photos by choosing "select photos" or rearrange them by dragging them to the required position. Then click "Continue". Note that the 1st image will be the one shown 1st on the campaign page itself.

How to edit photos in my GivingWay page

Can I change the default donation amounts?

You can change the default donation amount and specify the amounts you would like to receive by clicking "edit amounts".

For each donation amount you may add a description explaining how you will be using this money, or what it can buy.

For example, $10 will buy 3 children lunch. $50 will feed a child for a week.

How to edit the default donation amount on a GivingWay page

Why can't I edit my campaign?

Once the campaign has already raised money, some of the editing options are blocked. This is to prevent fraud (for example changing the description of the campaign after it has already raised money for a specific cause.)

If you still want to make a change, you can either pause the campaign and start a new one, or contact our support team and we will happily assist.


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