How to Increase Church Giving

In 2020 online giving became the number one way people tithed and donated to churches, yet so many churches are still not accepting donations online. GivingWay offers online fundraising tools that meet the specific needs of churches. Learn how you can use these tools to grow your church.

How to increase church giving

Online donations have become one of the most prominent way donors choose to donate to nonprofits, and churches are no different in that aspect. People simply do not carry cash on them as much as they used to and certainly not checkbooks.

Churches that do well financially today take money in through a variety of platforms, but Online church giving is what's happening right now. According to, churches that accept tithing online increase overall donations by 32%!

This doesn't mean you should get rid of the envelopes in the back of the church, it does mean that the church has to meet the people where they are and give them easy options to donate and participate. That being said, don’t assume that just because you offer online giving, people will naturally know how to do it. Take the time to explain what the options are and how to use them.

How to use GivingWay's tools to grow your church

GivingWay offers online fundraising tools that meet the specific needs of churches. Learn how you can use these tools to grow your church.

Donation Page - Tithes and Offerings

When you signup to GivingWay, a donation page is automatically created for you. You can choose if you wish to add a picture to the page, and then start sharing the link to collect donations immediately.

GivingWay's donation page is great for collecting tithes and offerings easily.

The page offers suggested donation amounts and recurring intervals - so your donors can easily select their preferred option.

You should make your donation form clearly visible to your members, by adding the link to prominent places on your website, social pages and any correspondences you have with your congregation.

Example of donation page of a church
Example of donation page

Donation Button

If your church has a website, it's worth giving your community an option to donate directly from the site. Donation buttons on a website are perceived by most people as trusted and secure. You can easily connect your GivingWay donation page to your website.

To add a donation button to your site, you have two options:

  • Add a custom donation button to your site - This is very simple to do and doesn't require advanced knowledge in computers - see full instructions.

  • Add a donation widget to your site - The advantage with this button is that it is “sticky” i.e. it follows the user around even if the user scrolls up or down a web page, however it requires you to insert a line of code into your site.

If you're not sure which to use, you can always use both.

Donation Button and Widget
You can also choose both options!

Campaign Page - Fundraise for Designated Projects

While the donation page is intended to raise money in general for the church, many churches raise funds for designated projects. It is much easier to ask your community to come together for a defined cause than ask for money in general.

Examples for designated project can be:

  • Help a family in the community get funds for the medicine they need

  • Help collect money to pay for the education of someone from the community

  • Raise funds for church renovation

  • Fundraising for mission trips

  • Fundraise for a church event

and more!

Campaign pages are perfect for this type of fundraising. You can set a goal that reflects the cost of the specific project and showcase your fundraising progress with a goal meter!

Campaign page - example
Campaign page - example

Peer-2-Peer - Broaden Your Church's Reach to New Audiences

Once you have a campaign page set up, you can ask individuals in your community to create personal fundraiser pages for your cause’s behalf. The individuals set their own goal of how much of the project they are aiming to raise money for, and then share the fundraising page with their friends and family.

Some fundraisers choose to use this option at special events. For example fundraisers who create birthday fundraisers or Christmas fundraisers, where they ask their friends and family instead of buying them a gift to donate to the church.

Christmas Peer-2-Peer fundraising campaign
Christmas Peer-2-Peer fundraising campaign

Organization Page - Volunteers Recruitment

Your organization page is in a way your church's mini-site on GivingWay. It consists of all the information, videos and images you provided, it shows your community members and any campaign you created.

On this page you can also advertise open volunteering positions.

Online volunteers - You can ask for help in various online tasks like: teaching online, social media marketing, research, video creation, design, web work and content writing.

This option is very popular with younger audiences who are very good with creating an online social presence. they know this world and it's very natural for them to use it to spread the church's word. With the pandemic still out there, online volunteering is more relevant then ever.

Onsite volunteers - If your church accepts volunteers, you have a dedicated section on the platform where you can post about open volunteering opportunities. You can also add a customized application form to easily screen candidates.

Finally, you can ask volunteers to write a review about their experience with your church, giving your organization credibility and trust on the GivingWay platform, and encouraging more volunteers to signup.

Communication with Your Community

It is very important for churches to prioritize communicating effectively with their church members. An effective communication strategy ensures a close community.

GivingWay offers you various tools to engage with your donors such as automated thank you and follow up emails, and updates that you can easily post to engage your church's community at any time. Any communication with your community on the platform is easily tracked and managed in your 'community' section.

Join the Era of Digital Giving

Online donation platforms offer your church a convenient way to collect contributions and fund meaningful projects. It is time to join the era of digital giving.


Remember you are not alone! Join GivingWay’s community of churches & nonprofit organizations to share your insights and questions with organizations similar to yours.


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