How to Get Volunteers to Join Your Nonprofit

Volunteers are the heart of every nonprofit. Their active participation in the organization's day-to-day activity, as well as fundraising, marketing, and program delivery leaves more funding available to provide for the organization's targeted needy populations.

A volunteer's contribution to the nonprofit doesn't stop at the actual work they do for the nonprofit. There is a lingering effect to accepting volunteers, as nonprofit organizations - especially smaller ones, rely on volunteers to get the word out about them. A volunteer that helped your organization is more likely to donate or raise money to your cause in following years and assist with social and local networking.

How Can I Connect with New Volunteers?

GivingWay works with thousands of volunteers worldwide, looking for different volunteering experiences. By opening volunteering opportunities on your GivingWay organization page, you allow GivingWay volunteers to find you on the platform and to signup to volunteer with you.

On GivingWay you can connect with 2 types of volunteers. Onsite volunteers, who come to visit you for a defined amount of time at your location and help you run your day to day activities; and online volunteers who sign up to help you with tasks they can do from anywhere in the world, such as running your social media, help you build a website, create marketing material for your nonprofit and more.

To add volunteering options to your profile on GivingWay, find the "volunteers" box on your dashboard. Then click "start here" to open the relevant type of volunteering opportunity.

Find the Volunteers box on your dashboard.
Find the Volunteers box on your dashboard.

Onsite Volunteers

To receive volunteers at your location, clicking "start here" in the relevant section and you will reach a form with questions about the volunteering experience with your organization. When filling the form, be informative and truthful. Describe what you need and what you supply in a way that a volunteer can know exactly what to expect if they volunteer with you.

When filling the form be informative and truthful
When filling the form be informative and truthful

Keep in mind that the volunteers coming, in many of the cases, in addition to wanting to "do good", they are also looking for an adventure, a cultural experience and to have fun. It is extremely important that your organization's page reflects that. Add images, and videos that show how volunteering with you looks like, the sleeping conditions, the food, the vibe and the activities. Don't forget to get reviews from past volunteers that will add trust and give valuable insight to someone considering to volunteer with you.

Helpful Tip: There is a different seriousness level to different volunteers. You have the option to create a customized application form to help you find the more serious ones.

Online Volunteers

Online volunteering is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions. Surprisingly online volunteers have turned out to be a real asset to nonprofits bringing with them real professional expertise, and helping out with a variety of skills such as technical skills, programming abilities, design talent , marketing skills, research capabilities and more.

To create an online volunteering task, click on the "+New Task" button, then choose the relevant category and task. Finally specify the details of your task and click on the "save" button.

Add Online Volunteering Tasks
Add Online Volunteering Tasks

You can create up to 4 online tasks at a time, and while a task is assigned to a volunteer, other volunteers can't sign up for the same task until it is marked as completed.

Note: the online volunteering feature is currently open only to organizations registered to the Plus and Premium Plans.

Communicating with Volunteers

After a volunteer approaches you, your communication with them is crucial to their contribution and value they give to your organization. When a volunteer feels connected to the organization, knows exactly what you do and how you are helping the world, they are more likely to be committed and motivated.

Help them feel part of your team and appreciated to get the best results from them.

You can manage all of your volunteer communication on the GivingWay platform easily. Be sure to reply promptly to any request made. You should know that the quicker you reply to volunteering requests you will get more exposure on the platform to other volunteers.

Join GivingWay

Finally, remember, that any volunteer that applies to your organization, whether they end up actually helping or whether they don't, it is someone who had genuine interest in your cause and organization, added to your contact list of potential supporters. Nurture the connection with this person, and maybe something even greater can come out of it in the future.


Want to reach more volunteers? Check out our Facebook Group Volunteering Online & Around the World, where you can post about volunteering opportunities within your nonprofit organization.


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