GivingWay Webinar: Getting Ready for End of Year 2020

Learn everything your nonprofit needs to know in order to execute a successful Christmas and End of Year fundraising campaign!

Christmas is the ultimate time of giving, with many donors opening their heart and their wallet during the end of the year. This goal of this webinar is to go over best practices and tips for fundraising during this season and to prepare you for the upcoming end of the year.

Join GivingWay's CEO & Co-Founder Orit Strauss - Raz


  • End of year fundraising - When, What & Why

  • Best practices, tips & tricks

  • Getting ready with GivingWay Tools

  • Introducing GivingWay Pro

  • Q&A


End of year fundraising - When, What & Why

  • The last quarter of the year is referred to as the "Giving Season".

  • It begins with Giving Tuesday and ends with Christmas and New Years Eve.

  • 31% of annual giving occurs in December.

  • 12% of all giving happens in the last 3 days of the year.

  • Volunteers are twice as likely to donate than non volunteers.

Best practices

  • Defining your strategy

  • Listing your community

  • Christmas and New Year branding

  • Email Marketing - setting up an email schedule plan, ideas and tips

  • Social Media - creating a posting calendar, content ideas, tips and examples

Getting ready with GivingWay Tools

In this section of the webinar there's an introduction to the GivingWay tools, including a demonstration of how to use them, how to create reports, and product tips.

  • Special end of year donation page

  • Campaign page

  • Peer-2-Peer fundraising

  • Organization page

  • Toolkit - including email templates, social media post templates, branded visuals and step by step calendar

  • New Feature! Donating with local currencies

Download the Christmas Toolkit

GivingWay Christmas 2020 Toolkitt
Download PDF • 3.60MB

Introducing GivingWay Pro

  • Personalize branding

  • Personal support

  • Extended data and export options

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