GivingWay Top Partner Program - Updates & Announcements

The Top Partners Program is our way of recognizing and rewarding organizations that particularly stand out in their efforts to grow their impact with GivingWay. Stay tuned for monthly updates and announcements.

GivingWay's June updates and announcements

Update: The promotion is over. Thank you to everyone who took part. For more information about GivingWay funding, check out GivingWay's Plans.

January 1st, 2022

GivingWay is happy to announce the receivers of the GivingWay's Fund bonus incentive for this month:

$500 USD - Mare Nostrum

$150 USD - Ba Nga Afayo Initiative Uganda

$150 USD - Child Go Foundation Limited

$50 USD - South Luangwa Responsible Community Project

$50 USD - Fundación Azulado

$50 USD - Eco-Agric Uganda

$50 USD - Association Internationale pour Médina-Mary (AIMM)

The selection of the Top Partners who received funds was done on a completely random, computerized basis.

If you wish to check the status of your Top Partner application you can see it on your dashboard. To learn more about the Top Partner Program and to sign up, click here.

May 1st, 2021

GivingWay is happy to announce the launch of the GivingWay Top Partners program. Eligible Top Partners will receive various benefits that reward, showcase and promote their impact, thus enhancing their ability to raise funds and engage with volunteers.

1. Donations from the GivingWay Fund

2. A Top Partner Badge

3. Participation in GivingWay Promotions

4. Linkage to Website

5. Showcasing on the Top Partner Page

To learn more about the Top Partner Program and to sign up, click here.



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