Getting Started on GivingWay!

Welcome to GivingWay! A new platform can be a little confusing at times, let's get you started on the right foot!

As a GivingWay user you are probably all fired up about all the new fundraising tools you just got access to, and you can't wait to reach out to new volunteers - but before we get to the exciting part - let's make sure your account is set up correctly!

Meet your dashboard!

The dashboard is the screen you will reach every time you login to your GivingWay account. The way it looks can change depending on your activity on the platform, but in general you can manage everything you need from there!

Example of a dashboard on the GivingWay platform
Example of a dashboard on the GivingWay platform

1st step: Update your account information

Your account information is important for us to understand who you are and how to contact you. It is very important that this information is accurate and working. This is GivingWay's way to verify that the organizations we work with are actual organizations working for the better good.

Another reason we ask for your social media information so that we can follow you on social media, share your posts, like them and comment on them. If your organization doesn't have profiles on all the different platforms that's ok, just fill up the ones you do have.

The default language, can be set to English or Spanish. This determines the language of tools you will be using and the language GivingWay will use to communicate with your organization.

GivingWay requires you to upload a certificate. This is a government NGO/CBO legal registration document. It is very important to upload your organization's legal certificate, cause while you can start raising money without uploading the certificate, you will only be able to receive payouts after the certificate is approved by the GivingWay team.

If you only have a physical document, you can take a photo with your phone and upload it. We support JPG, PNG, PDF, DOC, and ZIP files.

To update your account information click on the arrow next to your organization's name on the top right side of the screen, then click on "Account".

Account information on GivingWay
Account information on GivingWay

2nd step: Set your payout options

Once you will start using the GivingWay platform you will hopefully start raising money. Each payment to your organization, whether its from a donation or from a volunteering fee, will be held on your behalf in the GivingWay system.

To receive your payout, you have to set the method you prefer to receive your money - via your organization’s bank account or its PayPal account.

The details you will provide, will only be used to pay you. You will not be charged any money by GivingWay through the chosen payout method.

To set this, go to your financial area and under "payout method" choose your preferred payout method.

Choose how you prefer to get your money: Paypal or BankWire
Choose how you prefer to get your money: Paypal or BankWire

You can learn more about the minimum payout amount, the time it takes to receive payouts, and about GivingWay's platform fee in our help center.

3rd Step: Get to know GivingWay's tools

Now that your account is set up, it's time to start getting the most of what GivingWay has to offer! But where to begin? That really depends on your organization's goals and what you want to achieve by using the platform.

If you want to be sure you are using the platform to its 100% full potential,

this is our suggested checklist:

1. Set up your organization page

2. Connect your donation page to your website and social media

3. Build fundraising campaigns

4. Set your 'Thank You Emails'

5. Ask your supporters to create fundraisers for your campaigns

6. Add volunteering options within your organization

7. Add reviews to your organization's page


Remember you are not alone! Join GivingWay’s community of nonprofit organizations to share your insights and questions with organizations similar to yours.


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