Getting Ready for Giving Season 2021

Prepare to maximize your results for the coming GivingTuesday and holiday season! We prepared this special 'Giving Season Toolkit' which includes: a webinar, email templates, social posts visuals & templates, step by step calendar - everything you need to get your giving season online fundraising plan in order.

Giving Season 2021

The end of the year, also known as the “Giving Season”, is an unparalleled time in the nonprofit world, where spirits are high and fundraising opportunities are abundant. Approximately one third of all annual donations are made during this time of the year. Many donors want to end the year on a positive note and take this opportunity to support the causes they care about, both locally and globally.

Giving Tuesday kicks off the Giving Season on the first Tuesday of December. In fact, it is the biggest giving event of the year. Created in 2012, this global day of generosity brings together nonprofits and supporters from all over the world to celebrate charity and solidarity. Every year, millions of people take part in the festivities, and billions of Dollars are raised by nonprofits during this one special day.

As a nonprofit organization, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to raise funds for your projects. GivingWay provides nonprofits with a wide range of fundraising tools and resources to execute a successful Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign!

Your GivingWay tools for the 2021 Giving Season:



Hosted by our very own Co-founder and CEO, Orit Strauss-Raz presents the following agenda:

The Giving Season – When, What & Why

  • Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

  • Getting Ready with GivingWay Tools

  • GivingWay Resources

  • Product Updates

  • Q&A



Our marketing and fundraising experts put together this ultimate Giving Tuesday toolkit, to help you organize your online fundraising strategy toward the end of the year and Giving Season. Check it out!

Download GivingWay's Giving Season Toolkit

GivingWay Giving Tuesday 2021 Toolkit
Download PDF • 4.27MB


Email Templates

An affective Giving Tuesday campaign includes many emails to your supporters, letting them know about the day, inviting them to participate in different ways, asking them to donate and of course thanking them when it's over.

We've created a few templates for you to download, edit, and sent to your community.

  • Giving Tuesday Announcement

  • Be a fundraiser email

  • Reminder email

  • Participate in Giving Tuesday

Download Giving Tuesday Email Templates

GivingTuesday Email Templates
Download DOCX • 71KB


Social Posts Templates

Your marketing strategy isn't complete without posting on social media. This is the place to show your supporters your nonprofits activities, how you are spending the money well and what you are doing with it, how happy your beneficiaries are and what they received thanks to the generous donations.

In the weeks prior to the Giving Season you should be posting every day! That way when Giving Tuesday comes, you are already on your donors' minds.

Not all posts should be discussing Giving Tuesday, follow the calendar to see which should. Nonetheless, here are some 'Social Posts Templates' you can download, edit and use!

Download Giving Tuesday Social Posts Templates

GivingTuesday Social Posts templates
Download DOCX • 68KB



If you don't have a designer let alone a design team, don't worry about it! We got you! Check out these templates you can use for your social posts :)

Social posts

Download to share online:

Giving Tuesday Social posts
Download ZIP • 3.02MB

Giving Tuesday Logos

Download to use:

Giving Tuesday logos
Download ZIP • 231KB


Step-by-Step Calendar

So much to do in so little time! We know, it can get confusing!

That's why we created this step-by-step calendar to make sure you don't get lost :)

Download Giving Social Posts Templates

Giving Tuesday Step-By-Step Calendar
Download DOCX • 72KB


Hopefully with this kit you are ready to start your fundraising efforts for Giving Tuesday immediately! But if you have any questions or support feel free to contact our team at

signup gw


Remember you are not alone! Join GivingWay’s community of nonprofit organizations to share your insights and questions with organizations similar to yours.


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