Donors are not ATMs: NGO Success Stories, Webinar Series

Dr. Nakakande, Co-Founder of Eco-Agric Uganda, shares her insights on how to build meaningful relationships with your supporters .


Session 3: Donors are not ATMs; building meaningful relationships with supporters

  • Introduction by Orit Strauss Raz, Co-Founder and CEO of GivingWay.

  • Dr. Nakakande on donor strategy:

  1. Building Relationships

  2. Every donation counts

  3. What to do with each donation

  4. Maintaining engagement on an ongoing basis

Download the full presentation:

Donor's are not ATMs
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Key Speaker: Dr. Josephine Nakakande, Eco-Agric Uganda


Dr. Josephine Nakakande

Dr. Josephine Nakakande is the co-founder and executive director of Eco-Agric Uganda, a Ugandan community based NGO. In just 1 year, Josephine has managed to raise on the GivingWay platform nearly 30 thousand USD (!!!) and she wants to help out other nonprofits by sharing her learnings and tips.


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