Christmas Fundraisers

It's the season of giving and we want to give you a new tool to help your fundraising efforts!

It's the season of giving and we want to give you a new tool to help your fundraising efforts!

This month GivingWay users can support their favorite nonprofit organizations by creating a Christmas fundraiser to support their campaigns!

What's a Christmas fundraiser?

Peer-2-Peer fundraising, is when one of your supporters decides to help your cause by promoting a fundraising campaign of yours, and sharing it with their own network.

For Christmas we created a specially designed fundraiser page. Your supporters can ask their friends and family to donate to your cause instead of buying them a gift for Christmas (or they can choose what to write instead).

How does it look like?

Christmas Perre-2-Peer Fundraiser on GivingWay
Christmas Peer-2-Peer Fundraiser on GivingWay

How can I get my supporters to create a Christmas fundraiser?

If you hope your supporters will create a Christmas fundraiser for your cause, you should probably first let them know about the option to create any type of fundraiser for you!

# First, create a list of people who are most likely to support you such as: volunteers, past fundraisers, large donors, team members and board members.

# Second, write an email telling them about the peer to peer fundraiser, and ask them If they are willing to take part in this.

# Finally, since not everyone opens their emails, you can also post about this to your community on social media or on GivingWay updates.

Email example:

Download email template:

Christmas fundraiser template
Download DOCX • 13KB

Creating a Christmas fundraiser is yet one of many methods to finish 2021 with a bang! Make sure all you supporters are aware of it.

Good Luck!

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