Best Practices for Your Fundraiser

Creating an online fundraiser might seem like an easy task, but there is an art to it. Check out 7 tips & tricks to make your fundraiser a success!

Online Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Creating a fundraiser is really easy and takes less than 2 minutes, but promoting it - that's a whole different story! Fundraising online requires time, dedication and passion. Here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling:

1. Start with your immediate friends and family

Your family and friends know you and trust you. If you care about a cause, most likely they care about you enough to care about it too. Ask them for their donations and ask for their help in spreading the word as well.

pay attention

A fundraiser has a pyramid effect. If every person you share your fundraiser with, shares it with just 2 people who share it with 2 more people and so on, you can help increase the network and awareness for your cause by infinity!

2. Promote your cause on social media

Your social network is a great way to reach new supporters and raise awareness even if you don't have hundreds of followers.

  • Post about your fundraiser on your personal profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram, Youtube or whatever it is you have going on.

  • If you choose not to share your fundraiser on your own personal stream, you can still send the link to select friends and family via private Facebook messages and by tweeting directly to people.

  • Search for relevant groups and forums. For example, if you are helping a nonprofit that advocates for LGBTQs rights, look for groups where LGBTQ people connect. They are a great target audience for your fundraiser. If you are helping save elephants, search for groups for animal lovers, wildlife activists, even people travelling or volunteering in Africa/India.

  • Get creative! Create a social media challenge among your friends and see how many people you can get to join.

pay attention

When posting the link to your fundraiser, it's not enough to copy and paste your link. Add a description, a photo, a video - Try being creative, think what would grab your attention and make you click on someone else’s post.

3. Reach out to your local community

Find supporters in a social or sport club you belong to. You can also ask for support from your church/synagogue/mosque members. Perhaps you can even recruit your community or team mates to raise money and awareness with you.

4. Create a fundraising event

Team up with some friends and create a fundraising event such as a bake sale / garage sale / carwash / game night / concert or any other great idea you can come up with.

5. Know any influencers?

An influencer is a person that has a large group of followers online. These followers are highly engaged, interested in the influencer's daily activities, the products she or he uses, the causes she or he supports and so on.

Know someone famous or with many followers on social media? Ask them to put in a word with their followers and participate in your fundraising efforts.

6. Hold a Birthday/Holiday Fundraiser

Organize a fundraiser for your birthday or holiday. In lieu of gifts, friends and family can leave a donation.

7. Ask local businesses for help

Is there an organization or business who would support your mission?

Reach out to them and ask if they’d be willing to “donate” their social media account to you for a short time. In this time ask them to post content on your behalf – stories about the people or animals you are raising money for, information about the nonprofit, and why more funds are needed.

For the business, it’s a chance to showcase their social corporate responsibility and elevate their brand. If they have a loyal following, their customers and clients will be more than willing to donate to a cause they support.

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Remember -

When you fundraise for a nonprofit, you represent that nonprofit, its brand and reputation. Always be kind and courteous, and refrain from using profanities. Be careful not to spam people you are approaching because the spam is perceived as being done by the nonprofit.

Finally, keep in mind that even by connecting a nonprofit to one supporter, you are already helping them out and making an impact!


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