GivingWay Presents: Automatic Personalized Emails

GivingWay is constantly improving our fundraising platform. Here's an update about of one of our latest features: Automatic Personalized Emails

GivingWay's November updates and announcements

Automatic Personalized Emails

Good communication with your donors is one of the most fundamental elements of online fundraising. Donors that already contributed to a cause are more likely to contribute again, assuming they feel that money donated is making a difference and that the contribution is appreciated.

It's crucial to update past donors about your activity, achievements, and also to take the time to say thank you and let them know how much their donation, big or small, is appreciated.

With this in mind, GivingWay created automated emails that will be sent to your donors on your behalf automatically!

Currently 3 separate emails are sent:

1) Thank you email

This email is sent immediately after a donation is made to thank the donor in a personal way (keep in mind it is not a receipt, you still need to send a receipt for the transaction).

2) A follow up email

This email is sent 45 days after the donation is made. It tells donors a bit more about the organization, offers them to follow you on social media, and has an option to ask for another donation / monthly donation.

3) Second follow up email

This email is sent 90 days after the first donation. It lets your donors know that you are still in need of further help, and asks them if they are willing to contribute again.

How does it work?

The way it works, is that these emails are programmed to be sent automatically, without you having to do anything! Or in other words, we know you're busy, don't worry about it we've got your back!

What you can control -

  • You can disable the emails - If you don't want the emails to be sent, because you send your own emails anyway or for any other reason, you can choose to disable one or more of the emails.

  • You can personalize the emails, it's actually recommended! As great as our emails are, (and they are great), they are also very general so that they can fit all the organization types working with GivingWay. We recommend adding a few words from you, that make the email feel more personal.

  • You can decide if you want to ask for a monthly donation - In the follow up email we urge the donor to become a recurring donor and support you on a monthly basis. You can choose to remove this specific section from the email.

How to edit the settings:

  • To change the settings for this feature, go to your dashboard and find the "donation page" section. Then, click on "Personalize donor email settings".

GivingWay Dashboard - Personalize donor email settings

  • You can then select or unselect which emails you would like to be sent on your behalf.

  • Finally, add a personal message and send yourself a test email to see how the email looks likes when its finalized.


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