6 Tips for Creating Great Fundraising Videos for Nonprofits

Creating Great Fundraising Videos for Nonprofits

Fundraising videos are a great way to create emotional connection with potential donors and volunteers. A video is the most powerful tool you have to touch the hearts of your supporters and to get people to listen to your story.

GivingWay's data shows that organizations that include videos on their profile are almost 7 times more likely to raise money, and according to Indiegogo, those that include a fundraising video will raise 4 times more funds than campaigns without one. Finally, QGIV shared that 57% of people who watch nonprofit videos go on to make a donation!

With these astonishing figures the importance of uploading a video to your nonprofit's profile is clear. But how do you choose a video for your profile on GivingWay? And what should the video you create include? Here are 6 tips for creating the best nonprofit video.

#1 - It doesn't have to be professional

Creating a video for your nonprofit may sound a bit intimidating, but the truth is that you don't have to be a professional or own the best equipment to create an effective video. Even by simply using your personal camera, smartphone, iPad, or computer camera you can reach a good quality video.

These are some things to keep in mind when filming:

  • Film horizontally - It makes for better playback on YouTube and other platforms.

  • Lighting - Record in a well-lit room or outdoors with the light behind the camera person and on the subject.

  • Audio - Make sure there are no unwanted noises in the background when you are filming, and be sure you’re close enough to the subject to get good audio.

  • Stability - when filming, place your video recorder on something stable like a tripod, monopod, or anything that will help you avoid a "shaky" video.

For the editing, if you want to boost the quality and creativity of your fundraising video, consider enlisting the help of online volunteers with relevant experience.

#2 - Choose the story you want to tell

As a nonprofit you have many stories to share with the world. You can share the mission of your organization, you can tell about the success of a project you were working on, the story of a beneficiary, or the story of the founder. You can share what it means to be a volunteer in your organization, or create a whole movie about the problem your nonprofit is trying to solve.

All these are terrific stories for a video, but when you are choosing which story to share, you have to keep in mind the specific goal you are trying to achieve and the audience that is going to watch the video. For example, if your current goal is to get new donors who don't know you yet to be interested in your cause, your video should be about explaining your mission, and showcasing your activity. However, if your goal is to get new volunteers to apply to come and volunteer with you, your video should explain the importance of your cause but also focus more on the day of a volunteer in your organization and what does volunteering with you look like.

Example 1: Paseo De Los Monos, shares the story of their nonprofit, what it does and how everything started.

Example 2: Wildtracks, focuses on the volunteering experience with the organization.

#3 - Keep it short

People have very short attention spams. Keep your videos very short, no longer than 2 minutes, and make sure that the most important information is in the first 30 seconds.

#4 - Be authentic

A video is your opportunity to convey what your organization is all about. Show who you are. Be approachable and human. Talk using simple language as if you are talking to a child. Include real people in your video and don't use stock videos. All these will give the viewers a sense they know you and can trust you.

Here is a great example of Imagine Her who created a great authentic video.

#5 - Use emotion

A nonprofit's video must spark emotion to get people to do an action. If you want people to watch your video and as a result open up their wallet, you need to open up their hearts first.

Music is a great way to achieve this. Consider very carefully the background music you choose for your video, it can make it or break it. Review the video with the music and think how it made you feel. Were you sad watching the movie? Hopeful? Inspired? Scared? Indifferent? Try different music until you find the one that sparks the emotion you are going for.

Check out this video by Al Amal institute for The disabled who does a great job at sparking emotion.

#6 - Finish with an ask

Tell the viewers of the video exactly what you want them to do near the end of the video. Whether that’s donating, sharing or volunteering, be clear on what you need and how they can help.

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To Conclude

Creating a video for your nonprofit is not as intimidating as it may seem. Simply think what you want to achieve, and with your existing resources tell that story. The benefits of the video will astound you.


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