5 Quick Tips for Getting New Volunteers

Many nonprofits wonder how they can find new volunteers and fundraisers that will join their efforts and also be committed. Here are our 5 quick tips to help you get those supporters lining up to help you.

Volunteering is fun

1. Show them it's fun!!!

Volunteers are coming to you to help you and your mission, that's true. But while they might be coming to help in a serious matter, they do want to have fun doing so! But why should they trust you that volunteering with you is fun?

They shouldn't. That's why you should ask past volunteers to share their experience with you online. Ask them to post on social media and to tag you so that other's can find you easily!

They can upload photos from their time with you, write a review on your page, post a blog, share stories, TikToks or anything that will paint a picture of what does it mean to be helping you out. They can also post about their experience in GivingWay's Volunteering Online & Around the World Facebook group. When other people see how much fun it is to volunteer with you, they will be the next ones applying.

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"When other people see how much fun it is to volunteer with you, they will be the next ones applying."

2. Have your volunteer section updated

When choosing a place to support, volunteers are interested in two things:

1) Your cause - what do you do, who do you help, what is the importance of the cause and are you a trusted organization.

2) The conditions on site - Different volunteers have different pictures in their minds regarding their dream volunteer experience. Some wish to live like the locals, others are very concerned about the sleeping and eating arrangements. Some really care about how they will be able to use their free time, others care if it is going to help their resume in some way. And all of them want to know what exactly they are going to do once they get there.

It's important that all of these questions are answered on your organization's page. People today have endless of volunteering options and if you want to stand out you need to be sure that a volunteer that reaches your page has an easy choice:

  • Add great photos reflecting both your cause and the volunteering experience with you.

  • Give a detailed explanation about volunteer's schedules, their routines, expectations from them, sleeping and eating arrangements, benefits, things to do in the area.

  • Add a promotional video showing the vibe of volunteering with your nonprofit. You should add a video, only if you have a good one. Otherwise, less is more.

It's important that you be very honest with your volunteers, don't try to "sell" them an experience they won't have cause that will only give you a bad reputation among volunteers.

Volunteering with Pyunli

3. Help them feel part of the team

The moment a volunteer or fundraiser has shown an interest in your nonprofit make them feel part of the team.

Introduce yourself and your team members, explain what it is that you do. Send them marketing material you have about your organization. Invite them to follow you on social media and follow them on theirs. If you can, get on a phone call with them. The sooner you create a connection and trust with your supporter the stronger it is going to be.

If a potential supporter feels welcomed and needed they are more likely to follow up on their intentions to support you.

No one will put in time and effort in an organization they don't know because they got an automated email from you. It is your responsibility to get your volunteers to become active.

4. Be personal

Being personal doesn't mean sending out an email with the correct personalized name. Being personal means acknowledging the person before you, and caring about them personally.

Get to know your supporters on a personal level. Ask for their intentions, why are they looking to volunteer, why did they choose you, how did they hear about you, what are their expectations from the experience. You'd be surprised how much you can learn just by asking.

5. Don't forget them after they've gone

After your supporters completed their project with you, be sure to show your appreciation to them - privately and publicly!

Privately, take a few minutes to talk with them, conclude the experience ask them for their feedback and give them yours. If they are deserving you can offer them a recommendation letter. Keep in touch, send follow up emails updating them about projects they were involved with, wish them happy holidays and birthdays and make them feel that they are forever part of your community.

Publicly, give them a shout out on social media! Post about them in your social media accounts and tag them on GivingWay's too! We'll help you get the message across :)

By doing this you are giving your supporters acknowledgement and showing your appreciation, but you are also showing other volunteers that this is a place that appreciates its volunteers and creates meaningful connections with them.

Creating good relations with past and current volunteers in key to reaching new volunteers. Good relations means you will have an ambassador outside your organization, someone who will speak highly about you to other volunteers and supporters, someone who can help you increase your network and some one who will comeback and support you in the future.

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Want to reach more volunteers? Check out our Facebook Group Volunteering Online & Around the World, where you can post about volunteering opportunities within your nonprofit organization.


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