5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Online Fundraising Campaign

Creating an online fundraising campaign for your nonprofit is fairly quick and easy with GivingWay, and you can have one up and running within a few minutes. The challenging part is getting donors to support your campaign.

5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Online Fundraising Campaign

While there is no one definite way to create the best campaign, there are common mistakes nonprofits tend to repeat:

Mistake 1: Posting a link without a description

While you probably want to share your link as much as possible, and pasting it everywhere is the quickest way to go - it is not most effective.

When you post your link on social media, explain why you are posting the link, what should someone that clicks on it expect to see after clicking, and why is it relevant for the place you chose to post it. Make sure to always provide enough information about the campaign, with a clear “donate” call to action.


Posting a link with a description

Do -

In this Facebook post, the purpose of the campaign is clear. A user understands what the link is about, and there is a clear call to action to explain how to support the campaign.

Example of post that doesn't have a description

Don't -

This Facebook post will not attract donors.

It doesn't have enough information.

We do not even know that it is about supporting a campaign.

Mistake 2: Sharing the link to your campaign page only once.

Sharing your campaign link once is great, but it's not enough. When you share your link, even though you might feel you sent it to many people, the reality is that most of them didn't necessarily see it.

Be sure to share your campaign link in different places on multiple occasions. Make a rule to yourself to share it once every few days/weeks, or whatever interval that feels right to you. The more you spread the word about your campaign on a regular basis, the more chances you have to reach your goal.

Mistake 3: Posting the exact same post over and over again

While you do want to post your link over and over again, be sure to switch up the description of the post. If you change the content of your post, people who have already seen it before can still find it interesting, and it won't feel like spam.

Mistake 4: Not asking people to share your campaign link in their own network.

Not everyone is a donor but everyone knows someone who is! When you communicate about your campaign, remember to always ask your supporters to share it with their community.

Mistake 5: Forgetting to share the campaign link, or just sharing the same post.

You always want to make it as easy as possible for people to donate to your campaign. That's why you should always add your campaign link to your social media posts. Avoid simply sharing an existing Facebook post on different groups/pages because it will make your link harder to find.

For example:

example of post that doesn't show the link

This post was posted, and then quickly shared to another page. Because it was shared, the campaign link was buried down in the original post and is hard to locate. Avoid this kind of post sharing, or simply add the link to the campaign again when sharing.

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The Bottom Line

When you spread the word about your campaign you want to make sure that your posts are interesting, informative, with a clear call to action followed by an easy way to donate. Post on many platforms and in regular intervals, but mix up the message and images.

Good Luck!


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