5 Easy Fundraising Tips for Christmas

Written by: James Durr, has been a property buyer and developer for almost 2 decades. As one of the co-founders of leading UK homebuying firm, he has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in speaking effectively and empathetically with property owners and business owners to find genuine win-win solutions.

Christmas is a busy time for everyone who celebrates it, thanks to the effort involved in getting together with friends or relatives, decorating your home and buying presents. It's so busy, in fact, that it can be easy to forget the traditions of giving and of community spirit that are associated with this season. But this doesn't have to be the case. If you want to make a difference to a charity close to your heart, Christmas can be a great time to do so.

In this article, Property Solvers explore 5 easy and effective approaches for festive fundraising that anyone can try.

1. Specify a Charity or Cause

If you decide to fundraise over the Christmas season, one of the best first steps is to clarify exactly where the money you receive will be going. You might select a charity in line with an issue that is close to your heart, or name a particular cause that has inspired you to take action and provide aid.

This will help friends and family to understand your motivations - and might even enable you to introduce an important issue or charity to people who have not yet heard of it. It will also make people feel confident that they know where their money is going once they give it to you - which may encourage more people to donate.

2. Ask for Donations in Place of Gifts

At Christmas, people often feel pressured into spending money - even if they don't know what their gift recipients will even want. This year, ask your friends and family members to make a donation to your chosen charity or cause instead of buying you a material item. This way you are helping on multiple levels:

  • You'll be playing your part in fundraising for an important issue while making it easy for your loved ones to decide what to get you for Christmas.

  • What's more, you may be reducing waste and pollution by rejecting unwanted material items in favor of a more meaningful gesture that has little to no footprint.

3. Use Social Media

Many social media platforms provide a function whereby a user can request that their friends and followers make a donation to a particular registered cause. A link can be included, which will send visitors straight to the fundraising page of the charity in question so that donations can be made immediately.

This is a great way to spread the word about your fundraising activities within a highly popular arena, while taking the effort out of the donation process.

4. Hold an Event

Why not set up an event or activity in support of your chosen cause? Christmas is a time for getting together - whether physically or virtually - so this may provide a great opportunity to fundraise.

You could arrange a garage sale or bake sale where people can pick up last minute gifts or Christmas treats, or perhaps you can ask people to sponsor you to run an impressive distance dressed as Santa!

Make fundraising fun and include it in the run up to Christmas to ensure you get as many donations as possible.

5. Introduce a Collection into an Existing Event

You don't have to arrange an entire event - if you already have one coming up, why not just take some time while you're there to mention your cause and inform people of how to donate? This is a great opportunity to reach multiple people at the same time, and you may well find them in a very giving spirit during festivities. Of course, if it's a party that you're organizing alongside others - or, indeed, someone else's party altogether - you will need to ask their permission first!

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The above are just a few ideas to help you hit your fundraising targets over the Christmas period. Whatever your chosen approach, we hope your efforts are successful and that you earn plenty of support in this time of good will.


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