4 Fundraising Event Ideas for Nonprofits and Charities

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Hosting a fundraising event for any cause is a great way to generate revenue and gives you a chance to interact and connect with your supporters and attract more sponsors for your fundraising event.

fundraising event ideas

To host a successful fundraising event or gala, organizers need to bring forward different and quirky ideas every time they decide to host an event. The more appealing your event sounds to the audience, the more sponsors you will attract.

Other things to look out for when hosting a fundraiser are an event ROI, right partnerships, and coordination. With a little creativity and proper planning, you can host the best fundraiser of the year.

However, most organizers tend to get stuck when it's time to brainstorm quirky ideas for their events. While it's a completely normal occurrence, we've still got your back!

To kickstart the creative side of your brain, we've compiled a list of 4 Fundraising Event Ideas to help you get started. Feel free to get inspired and make appropriate additions where you deem appropriate. Therefore, if you're in for a fascinating read, keep on scrolling!

1. Food Fundraising Ideas

host a bake sale

Get Baking – Host a Bake Sale

One of the most common and easiest fundraising ideas that can be simply pulled off is a bake sale. Every participant in the event brings home-baked goods such as brownies and cookies to the event that are then sold to other people at the event or the general public.

The reason behind the success of bake sales is the ability and ease of participation. Baking is an activity much loved by all, including children. So, you'll never have to worry about people not showing up.

However, make sure to set up a table at a place that is crowded with the public or falls on the same day as another small event, such as a sporting event at a nearby school. Moreover, make sure to decorate your table with colorful items, so it looks aesthetic enough to attract the public's attention.

Another good idea is to sell other items along with baked goods such as a cup of tea on a cold day and some chilled fruity drinks on a hot summer day.

For the Foodies – An event filled with food tastings

To bring this idea into action, reach out to your nearby local restaurants and convince them to offer free samples for your fundraising event. They get free marketing, and you get your profit. It's a win-win situation that's bound to work. To spice up the event, either add a movie night or get a local band to perform. This way, you can also charge a small entry fee.

We guarantee this idea will attract many foodies!

2. This One's For The Little Ones – Family Friendly Fundraising Ideas For Kids

If you're trying to raise money for a child's educational or medical needs, you'll want to host an event that attracts the children within your communities and is also family-friendly. Here are some ideas we believe work best:

Balloon Raffle

A balloon raffle is an inexpensive and fun activity that is almost always successful as people of all age groups can participate and have a good time. What you'll need are a pack of balloons, raffle tickets, and a prize. You'll place the raffle tickets within the balloons and sell them to the people for one dollar each.

At the end of the raffle, whoever has the winning ticket within their balloon gets to take the prize home! However, a balloon raffle isn't always a stand-alone event. They're mostly included with other fundraisers such as carnivals and scavenger hunts. But the event does have the potential to raise quite a bit of money depending on the size of the audience you manage to attract.

Balloon Raffle
Balloon Raffle - whoever has the winning ticket within their balloon gets to take the prize home!

Talent Show

Bring on an evening or night full of entertainment with this idea. Start by attracting some participants for your auditions for the talent show. This can be done by placing flyers all over town or schools – wherever your participants are most likely to see them.

Next, when you're done with the auditions, you'll need a location to host a talent show. Usually, the schools in town have an auditorium where this can be done. Or, if you want to kick it up a notch, get a permit and host it in your local park to get the maximum audience.

Next up, what you need is a decent décor for your stage, such as a catchy backdrop. You can easily raise some big bucks by charging an entry fee along with a donation to cast votes!

3. Get Creative – Some Different & Creative Ideas for Nonprofits

These include hosting some fancy events such as a fashion or art show or a video game fundraising event.

Video Game Fundraising Event

Online gaming has taken up the fundraising world by storm recently. It's not too much labor to set up and can also raise enough revenue. Single players can go online and live to stream their gaming skills. Ask for a donation from the audience that's willing to watch you play. To live to stream your gaming skills, you can sign up on Twitch – a live stream gaming platform.

For multiplayer: host a gaming night for your friends and other gamers in your community and ask your friends who want to join and play and for those watching to donate.

Host a Fashion Show

Everyone loves a fashion show! Partner up with a local venue for a glorious event like a fashion show and ask your nearby boutiques and designers to lend or donate some outfits. Get people from your community to model and sell the maximum number of tickets possible!

4. Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Ever since the pandemic hit almost every part of the world in 2019 and closed down many public events – nonprofits and charities have been relying on virtual fundraising ideas to help their causes. As many countries are still under lockdown, we believe virtual fundraising ideas are a must to have a look at.

Go for a Social Media Campaign

Many people tend to the internet in their time of need to get a donation which is why nonprofits too need to make the most of these channels. Choose a platform that is popular among your audience and create attractive content for the platform, such as high-quality and catchy images and videos.

You can lead the audience to your posts by social media posts. Remember that Facebook allows organizations and people to create Fundraisers to support important causes. Moreover, Instagram enables people to donate directly from your profile. Also, make sure to ask your friends and family with a large following to share your posts. And if you have the budget, take help from digital marketing services to reach a new and larger audience.

You may use tools like GivingWay to create customized social media campaigns, promote your nonprofit, and convert more leads. Such AI-enabled tools can help you reach your fundraising goals by utilizing the power of social media correctly.

signup box givingway

Virtual Tours

Host a virtual tour of your organization to show your audience all the work that your organization does. A virtual tour has numerous benefits. Firstly, it generates huge profits as supporters donate to attend the tour and also helps them connect with your organization as they understand all the hard work that's put in running a nonprofit or charitable organization.

For a virtual tour, you'll need a live-streaming service and a good camera to record the tour. It's one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to fundraise!

In conclusion

Hosting fundraisers and charity events are one of the most rewarding things one can do. As you brainstorm for creative ideas to organize yours, we hope our ideas bring you inspiration to get started!


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