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Tell us what you care about

Women empowerment, human rights, environment, animal care or education.
Tell us what is the cause that really matters to you.

GivingWay will match you with a nonprofit

With over 5,500 nonprofits using our platform, we'll match you with the nonprofit that best fits your interests and brand.

All nonprofits are vetted by our team to ensure they are legally registered nonprofits, by and for the local communities their serve

Create content and share

with your community 

Now that you have found the nonprofit to support, it is your time to shine!

Dedicate a post, switch up your bio link for a week, create an online event (workout, class etc.), and tell your audience about the cause you are supporting. 

You can donate to the nonprofit all or part of your online event fees, or you can just encourage your community to donate to your cause – either way, you and your community will be making a real impact!

It's a win win 

Most nonprofits in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia lack the resources needed to be seen and heard in today’s crowded digital world.

You and your online community have the power to change that.

By doing what you love and know best, you have gathered a network of people who trust and respect you. You have the power to harness this network to support a cause you care about and have an immediate impact on people's lives - even on the other side of the world!

The bonus?

Individuals and companies that promote good causes are immediately rewarded with more engaged, respectful and passionate customers and followers.

Good Karma is good for business :)

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