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Become a GivingWay Ambassador for nonprofits  

About GivingWay

Through GivingWay, grassroots-level nonprofits across 130 countries engage with people from all over the world who help out by volunteering online, volunteering on-site and donating funds

Support nonprofits you care about

As a GivingWay Ambassador you will lead the effort to:

Help nonprofits near you get more exposure through social media and your connections 


Spread the word and grow the global support for nonprofits 


Help nonprofits tell their story - conduct interviews,

write articles & reports etc.


Onboard new nonprofits to the GivingWay platform

The benefits of being a GivingWay ambassador

As a GivingWay Ambassador you can:

Earn a recommendation letter and certificate


Join a global network of fellow Ambassadors from around the world 

Get a shoutout on GivingWay social media channels 

Be published on the GivingWay Blog 

Participate in the adventure of a leading social-impact tech company

Gain valuable experience and expand your skillsets  


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Ready to start making an impact in your community?

Applicants must be 18 years or older to apply 

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