About Us


The Society for International Development (SID) Israel is an umbrella organization that brings together over 160 Israeli private companies, government agencies, civil society organizations, academic programs, and institutions that work in the spheres of international development and humanitarian aid.


SID Israel seeks to enhance Israeli engagement and impact in the developing world, and thus contribute to the achievement of multiple economic, social, and diplomatic objectives. SID Israel operates in a wide variety of fields, including policy advocacy and change, partnership generation, capacity building, networking and public outreach. 


Founded in 2015, GivingWay partners with over 7,000 nonprofits across 143 countries, providing organizations with online fundraising tools and resources and connecting them with a global network of volunteers.

GivingWay's goal is to help grassroot nonprofit organizations across Developing Countries become financially sustainable so that they can carry out their important work. We focus on grassroot organizations because we believe that they need help most, and that the greatest impact can be made by helping the organizations doing the actual work on the ground.

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